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(TBS Friday 22 pm April 17th start)

Smile (TBS jdrama)
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Smile (TBS jdrama) community

"What makes people smile? Through sufference and pain, three persons manage to meet and will help each other in all hard times that life reserves for them.
Vito is half Japanese and Filipino, and struggles because of his need to belong to a clear identity. His smile seems always sincere and bright.
Hana can't speak due to an accident in her past, but she can express her feelings better than anyone, and her smile lights up like the sun.
Kazuma is a famous lawyer whose smile is hiding a cynical distrust in people.

Their smiles hide a secret and a painful past... the only links between them are their psychological wounds.

Love, friendship, conflicts... after their meeting, nothing will be like before.

They want to live happily, can they make it true?"

Welcome to the Smile Drama community, enjoy it with us ^_______^

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